Stones Sharp are a boutique Accounting Firm based in Kew. Since our inception in 1940, we have been helping businesses and individuals successfully navigate their way through the complex world of taxation. In today’s competitive business landscape, advice is key. We take a highly personalised and tailored approach with all our clients, whether they be large or small.Our core strength is our ability to createlong term partnerships with our clients. Our sound reputation has been built on a foundation of trust, honesty and communication. We aim to become an essential part of our clients businesses, offering advice and strategic planning that will help them not only now but well into the future. Our goal planning and forecasting programs help our clients achieve their financial results quicker, and in a way that encourages intelligent planning and calculated outcomes.

Stones Sharp Accountants specialise in tailored Accounting & Taxation planning solutions for the following areas: Companies, Trusts, Superannuation, Partnerships, Deceased Estates & Individuals. We also offer Business Management Consulting, Self Managed Super Fund Strategy, Corporate Guidance, Audit Insurance & Bookkeeping.

Our approach entails a full financial and goal based analysis for all of our clients. We then formulate a unique, tailored strategy based on the meeting of these goals. Our attention to detail and expert knowledge in Taxation Law allow us to help you work smarter, not harder. Our long term relationships and outstanding client satisfaction levels are a key indicator of our work ethics and specialty in our field.

The Stones Sharp office, opposite Alexandra Gardens in Kew – is equipped with the latest technology and resources. This ensures not only that we can meet your requirements as efficiently as possible, we will also undertake the highest level of scrutiny making sure your personal information stays 100% secure. All of our systems are protected by the latest and most advanced security technology, ensuring that your financial business is yours only. As technology continues to change and evolve, we endeavour to provide services that are relevant and tailored to our client’s needs.

Our two managing Partners Shane and Eric, backed by our team of dynamic professionals, have demonstrated time and again that advice and planning is invaluable. The right strategy, the right focus, the right timing can have monumental impacts on revenue, profitability, and overall business success.

Stones Sharp Accountants welcome the opportunity to offer you a free initial consultation with one of our expert advisors, so call today and arrange an appointment.

Spend Thousands & Save Millions With Financial Planning Services

Decision taking is hard and when we talk about taking financial decision then it needs expertise and knowledge as it is difficult to take financial decisions even more.  Lots of questions related to finance can bother you. Sometimes it becomes hard to manage costs at pat with income. A few investment options may appeal you, but you may not be completely sure of the returns.

Sometimes you fall short in saving your money. Your bank statement might look jumbled. All these circumstances can be solved easily if you opt for a financial planning services company. For taking sensible financial decisions it is essential that you make a good financial planning. This is what financial planning services firms do. It makes a good financial planning utterly for you after taking in account your financial objectives, goals and worth.

It makes sure that the plan perfectly matches with your net-worth and you achieve your short-term and long-term financial objectives. They help in formulating money strategies and help you in taking crucial decisions.

A general financial planning services firm provides advices to people, corporate clients and professional advisors. It delivers services adapted exclusively for your financial requirements. These firms comprise off financial planners which are investment experts, UK expatriates, ethical investments, personal banking solutions, pensions, retirement etc. Moreover, these days many individual and companies are confronting debt problems.

These financial firms provide a complete spectrum of rescue and financial planning to save a firm or individual to solve such kind of issues. They support to identifying real trouble and by means of entering into informal contracts with creditors.

Financial planning services provide a complete range of tailored services to help people and companies change their financial prospect at the different phases of their lives. We can say that financial planning is a guide which assists in managing expenses and wealth efficiently. Technically speaking, financial planning is a practice of money management that involves retirement and estate planning, budgeting, taxation planning, investment and insurance strategies.

The firms delivering financial planning services manage all the aspects of finances with the intention of building, securing and maximizing net worth of companies, families and individuals. Your investment plans and wealth can be managed in several ways. They propose you financial planning tools like funds, equities, bonds etc. You can request for better advices about banking solutions for improved financial management and savings.

Financial planning services firms offer proposals regarding several financial concerns like financial protection, estate planning; retirement planning and investing.  After learning a range of aspects of your financial life just like your present position your financial goals, objectives etc. They develop a finance roadmap and implement it. They review their plan time to time to make sure that you are achieving your financial objectives.

Thus, for any financial issue a financial planning services firm is of utmost help. You can also take suggestions regarding pension services, unit trusts, employee benefits, asset management, banking solutions, retirement to name a few. So take suggestion from them and feel free to take financial decisions. Finally, these are decisions which transform to profit in the end.