What is an Airtime Advance?

Airtime Advance

An airtime advance is a good option that mobile communication companies offer their clients. This self-service choice enables customers to get either data bundles or airtime beforehand and pay for it afterward.

More often, this prepaid service is strictly on a monthly basis. Therefore, a mobile user must clear the payment a month after approval of the request.

Advantages of Getting an Airtime Advance

  • Ideal for An Emergency

Sometimes, you may need to make a call urgently for whatever reason. This advance will enable you to make your call conveniently. As you would expect, mobile service providers process an airtime advance request in a heartbeat.

  • It Helps Subscribers to Stay Updated

The world is now in the social media era that helps us get breaking news in seconds. Sometimes you may run out of data bundles unexpectedly. You can ask for an advanced data bundle to access your social media accounts.

Airtime Advance

  • It Guarantees Convenience

The best part is that you can request this advance any time. However, you must have a history of repaying this credit in time. Therefore, you can surf the internet comfortably or make urgent calls with zero worries.

  • Quick Request Processing

Surprisingly, providers process any airtime purchase and advance requests in seconds. Therefore, you get the airtime credit on your sim card within no time.

  • Mobile Users Do Not Bear Any Financial Risk

If you have ever borrowed a loan from a bank, you must have provided collateral in advance. On the other hand, mobile communication providers do not require a user to surrender any security. Instead, you only need to part with a fair airtime advance processing fee.

  • Easy to Borrow

Mobile subscribers only need to dial a specific USSD code to submit their request. You get feedback on whether you qualify within microseconds. Additionally, the providers have simple and reasonable requirements.

Airtime Advance Fee

Usually, mobile service providers charge a small advance access fee. Different companies charge a specific processing fee. For example, Vodacom charges a set charge of Rs.1.1 (USD 0.058).

On top of that, a penalty fee may automatically apply if you fail to repay the airtime credit in time.

Advanced-Data Bundle

Advanced data bundles refer to a data package given to a client beforehand. A customer must pay back the data bundle credit within a specified duration. Similarly, the mobile service provider may charge a small processing fee.

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